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How to Email Large Music Files?

Do you want to send some large music files through email? Don’t know how to do that without putting much effort? Then here is the perfect solution. If you have some large music files which are to be sent through email then you just need to compress them first with the help of trustworthy software such as Remo MORE. By making use of this application you can easily compress large music files and then send them through email. Suppose you are going to participate in a music competition where you need to send some of your sample music files via email for assessment. Now when you try to send those sample MP3 or WAV files through email you will find that it is not possible to send them as it is since the size of all the files are large. So you may try out certain simple techniques like using the inbuilt compressors in your system for compressing the large files. But when such technique proves completely useless then you will get disappointed and stop thinking about sending your music files through email. But this is definitely not the end. You can definitely send your large music files through email if you make use of Remo MORE which is the best tool to compress large sized music files.

This application will also come into the picture when you have some great collections of music which you need to send to your close office colleague or college friend through email. When the files size is large then in that condition you will definitely not be able to send the files without compressing them completely. Though there are various compression techniques which are exclusively meant for compressing large sized files sometimes these techniques fail in producing the expected results which makes us unhappy. But unlike these techniques Remo MORE software will perform this task perfectly and help you email the music files to your colleagues without any difficulty.

By using Remo MORE you can compress your music files safely without worrying about the data security. There are certain unreliable tools which cause harm to the files while compressing them. But Remo MORE is quite reliable and advanced tool which can be used without any problem. If you have different music files of type .mp3, .wav, .midi, .amr, .m4a, .mp4 etc. on your Windows computer which need to be sent through email then you must rely upon this software. It works well on different Windows computer such as Win XP, Vista, server and Windows 7. It comes absolutely free of cost. With just few clicks you can compress and then send your large music files through email by using this software.

Steps to compress and Send Large Music Files through Email

1. First download and launch Remo MORE tool on your Windows computer. Then when the main screen will appear hit "Manage" option. Then click on "Compress & Burn" option in the next window.

How to Send Large Music Files through Email - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

2. After this you need to choose "Zip" option from the next screen. Once you do that you will have to choose "Create New RZip File" option from the next window.

How to Send Large Music Files through Email - Select Create New RZip File Option

Figure B: Select Create New RZip File Option

3. Next you need to name this file after which you will be asked to set the password. Once you set the password just select the music files to be compressed. After this just click on "Compress" option to begin the compression process. Once the process gets completed you will get a message.

How to Send Large Music Files through Email - Set Password

Figure C: Set Password