Recover Music from iPod

Music File Recovery from Dead iPod

iPod has become one of the most popular portable music players for every individual nowadays. Today the iPod is a versatile multi-purpose tool with many benefits. It allows you to carry it wherever you go with entire digital music library in it. You can use iPod to play music on sound system or car stereo. It even facilitates you to arrange your songs according to your needs. However, sometimes iPod may not respond to your command and stop giving any positive sign. In such situation you cannot play song from it. What can be done in such situation? Well, you can try connecting iPod to your Mac. If songs present in iPod gets synched to Mac then you can play them on your Mac. But in case you failed to sync iPod music files to Mac then it shows that the audio files no longer exist. Under this circumstance the common question arises in to your mind is, how to extract music from a dead iPod? Don’t worry, there exists iPod Music Recovery Software which can help you to recover songs from dead iPod easily. It’s an amazing tool which can get back deleted iPod songs as well.

How does an iPod go dead?

An iPod may die due to number of reasons. Following are the important causes that leave it in dead state:

  • Virus infection:When you connect iPod to the system that is infected with the viruses then viruses might get transferred to your iPod and spread widely to infect iPod. If viruses are very severe then it will corrupt file system of iPod, after which iPod will become dead and ultimately you’ll lose songs from the device. However if you want to music file recovery from dead iPod, then you have to make use of iPod music recovery app.
  • Ignoring format option: When Mac computer cannot recognize file system of iPod when you connect, it throws error message that the drive needs to be formatted. In case you cancel the error message then it will display it whenever you try to access music files from it. If you keep on cancelling it then iPod might die and does not show any positive sign. The common question that is asked under this scenario is how to extract music from a dead iPod.
  • Power failure: iPod goes dead if your computer gets shut down due to power failure while you are accessing or transferring data from iPod to your Mac computer. Visit this link to get back lost files from iPod

Even though the reasons look critical, you can recover songs from dead iPod with the help of iPod music recovery software. This recovery tool has been designed in such a way that you could not only perform music file recovery from dead iPod, but also other files such as photo, videos and many more. This tool not only knows how to extract music from a dead iPod, but also knows to restore data from external and internal hard drive, USB hard drive, memory card, portable hard drive etc. Moreover, it allows you to preview recovered media files before saving them to the desired location. With the utilization of this recovery tool you can recover files from iPod Nano, Shuffle, Mini and Classic. In a very short time span, it will get back music files from dead iPod. This robust tool knows how to extract music from a dead iPod on various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Vista, Windows XP, Win 7 etc. If you have any queries regarding its features and recovery steps then you can download demo version. You can even retrieve songs from dead iPod using demo version but to save them, you should activate full version which is available for you at an affordable price.

Learn how to extract music from a dead iPod:

1. First download the software and launch it on your computer. Now from the main screen select the option "Recover Drives" to recover songs from dead iPod. After this from the next screen select "Partition Recovery" option.

How to Extract Music from a Dead iPod - Main Screen

Figure a: Select Recover Files

2. Here you need to select the drive that represent your dead iPod. Once it is selected, the software will initiate music file recovery from dead iPod.

How to Extract Music from a Dead iPod - Select iPod

Figure b: Select iPod

3. Now, the recovery process will continue and this software will show recovered music files within few minutes. Select the files that you want and store them in a desired location..

How to Extract Music from a Dead iPod - Recovered Music Files

Figure c: Recovered Music Files

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